The Boca Raton Educational Advisory Board’s Diverse Responsibilities

Involved in the South Florida community, attorney Fred A. Schwartz has served as former chair of the Miami Beach Park Advisory Board. For the past five years, Fred A. Schwartz has held responsibilities as chairperson of the City of Boca Raton Educational Advisory Board, which consists of nine appointed members. The Board’s responsibilities extend beyond public schools and include area private and charter schools.

The Board is primarily tasked with supporting schools by engaging with businesses throughout the community and arranging the provision of materials, professional services, and money donations. Board members also submit recommendations on ways of enhancing educational programs and facilities. These recommendations are passed on by the City Council to appropriate elected officials. A third major responsibility involves coordinating school and city activities in ways that provide community residents with improved educational opportunities. Community outreach activities include partnering with the Rotary Club to recognize “teachers of the year” and supporting the chess program run by the Boca Raton library.


Improving Tennis Strokes

Attorney Fred A. Schwartz, partner in charge at the Boca Raton office of Kopelowitz Ostrow Firm, PA, maintains an active lifestyle outside of the office. A fan of sports, Fred A. Schwartz plays tennis at least twice a week.

Increasing serving power improves overall tennis performance by making the ball more difficult for opponents to hit. Medicine ball overhead slams represent a great way of improving upper body power, and adding just two sets into regular practice goes a long way. Improving stroke production across different angles makes players more comfortable with the various situations that may arise during a game. If a specific stroke is difficult, such as hitting high balls on the backhand, focusing largely on those areas during practice will make a difference.

Moving closer or farther away from the net not only allows players to hit the ball to a greater variety of areas on the court – it often disrupts an opponent’s rhythm, making the shot more difficult to return. This allows for a decrease in the time it takes for players to score, which in turn keeps games from lasting too long. Learning to stay calm, handle distractions, and focus on the ball improves the mental aspects of tennis.